It is almost impossible to spread the gospel of Jesus without touching on the issues of poor, marginalized and disenfranchised people who are within our midst. Jesus’s own economy teaching exists around caring for one another. Jesus’s currency is love.

Our Lord is advocating non stop love for those in need. Although the problem is too huge we must never throw our hands in the air in surrender.
God commanded the Israelite not to harvest on the edges of their fields so the poor could have something to collect. Leviticus 23 v 22.

The Living Waters Church International is reaching out in the community in which we serve and have partnered with TUMELO HOME FOR CHILDREN WITH PHYSICAL DISABILITIES.

It is clear we cannot touch every life that is need but what is certain is that we can make a difference in those that we touch. Help us with donations so we can meet the needs of this home.

Bishop Allan Limbika helping at Tumelo home for the Physically Challenged.