1. We believe in one eternal, infinite, Almighty God, Sovereign of the universe (Deuteronomy 6 v 4 ). We believe that He alone is God, holy in nature, attributes and purpose.
  2. He as God is Wholly one in essential being, working in three offices of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit
  3. He became incarnate in the Son by the Holy Spirit and was virgin born.
  4. In the son, He became real in flesh and blood yet without sin and that He reconciles the world to Himself through the Son.
  5. The Lord Jesus is really God and that He died for our sins and truly arose from the dead.
    ascended to heaven where He is engaged in intercession for all mankind;
  6. The Almighty God in the office of the Holy Spirit is ever present and efficiently and active in and with
    the Church of Jesus Christ, convicting the world of sin, regenerating those who repent and guiding them
    unto all truth as it is in the Lord Jesus Christ
  7. We believe in the plenary inspiration of the Holy Scriptures as contained in both the Old and New
    Testament. We further believe that the holy bible is free from error and that it reveals the will of God
    concerning mankind in all things necessary for salvation.
  8. We believe that every individual has sinned and has fallen short of the glory of God and is therefore
    guilty before God. Man, by nature is depraved and is incapable of saving Himself.
  9. We believe that there is salvation in no other name but the name of Jesus Christ and that the Lord Jesus
    through His persecution and shedding of His Precious blood and His meritorious death on the cross,
    made full payment of our sins.
  10. We believe that regeneration is the gracious work of God whereby the mortal nature of a repentant
    believer is changed into spiritual life capable of faith, love, obedience, joy, peace, goodness, humanity,
    faithfulness, kindness and self-control.
  11. We believe in baptism in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God blessed forever.
  12. We believe that sanctification is the fact of God’s grace by which we are made holy; and that
    continuation in sanctification is the will of God for all believers and should be earnestly followed by
    walking in complete obedience to God’s word
  13. We believe that sacred ascended Christ has given various ministries to the church and each for the
    strengthening of every believer, the welfare of the Church and the evangelism of the world.
  14. We believe it is the duty of every believer to obey the  civil government and all civil authorities appointed to rule. We believe that no civil authority exists except as given by God. Romans 13